Mini-workouts, Nutrition Ideas + Daily Tips = Awesome Sauce

Summer, summer, summer tiiiiiime!

Every year around this time I tell myself, "I mean it, this year I am going to bust my ass and be in the best shape ever by my birthday!" (I'm a June baby)

I overload myself with all these health + fitness "to-do's"...after a couple weeks my sub-conscious mind is like, "Hey, yo- screw this. It's time for some summer fun!"

So my plan this summer is to focus on the process and not the outcome.

Rather than focusing on the hopes of one day having a body like Elle Macpherson (teehee), I will be focusing on my best daily practices.

The tool I use to help me with that is the Stress Monkee Calendar.

Daily tips, mini-workouts + nutrition ideas to help you be ridiculously fit, inside + out.

By focusing on something small each day I'm able to stick to my health + fitness priorities without feeling overwhelmed.

And there's one thing I know for sure, consistency is the secret to being fit.

Be sure to grab this month's Stress Monkee Calendar + follow along with me.

If you'd like to save on ink, here's a version with no picture.

Follow along with me + let's do this thang!





Butts + Guts Workout

Hello there sunshine!

How many times have you really wanted to workout, but you're just too busy?

Spending hours in the gym is not a requirement for being fit.

What's the secret when it comes to exercise and being fit?

Intensity, intensity, intensity.

Even if you only have 10 minutes, if you can really push yourself for those 10 minutes AND you stay consistent, you will see results.

And there is a dark side to doing marathon sweat seshes... when you overtrain you over stress your body, which will actually cause your body to store fat (say what?!).

All those hours in the gym wasted.

So, what kind of a short, yet intense workout am I talking about?

Don't fret, I have one for you here today :)

Below is a workout I filmed for the Skechers blog.

I call it Butts + Guts.

It won't take you long, but believe me, you'll feel it in all the right places.

Just give the image below a little click + check it out.

Oh! ANd when you're done watching the video be sore to download the BUTTS + GUTS WORKOUT GUIDE I created for you.

You can download it as a pic to your smartphone so that you'll have a reference guide of the workout with you wherever you go.

Let's do this workout twice this in?

Mad Love,




The Simple Shift to Turn Your Food into Fuel Instead of Fat

Hello love bug!

I have spent so many years struggling with my weight.

Obsessing over every morsel of food I put into my mouth + exercising like crazy, only to not see results.

The irony is the more I tend to complicate it, the harder it becomes for me to be in the shape I want to be in.

Simple is the answer.

Today I'm bringing to you a Simple Shift that can help your body turn the food you eat into fuel, instead of storing it as fat.

This is something you either don't think about often OR maybe you've never even heard of before.

Watch the video below to find out more.

After the video be sure to grab this week's FREEBIE.  It's simple and it works.



Can Something So Simple Actually Help Me to Get in Summer Shape?

I can't believe it's already May!

Summer is right around the corner and so many of us start to get super busy at this time of year.

I know for us we have end-of-the-school-year events, planning family summer trips, lining up summer activities for our son... oh the mayhem! 

And every May I set out to get my body in "summer shape".

The irony of course being that when things start to get busy (busier I should say) the FIRST thing that starts to suffer is the very things that help me to be healthy + fit. 

Less trips to the gym, less time spent on meal planning, more mindless snacking, you get the picture.

Here's my strategy to stay on track with my health + fitness this year: 

I am going to follow along day by day with the Stress Monkee Calendar.

It's so simple and yet it works.

Daily tips to help you be ridiculously fit, inside + out.

By focusing on something small each day I'm able to stick to my health + fitness priorities without feeling overwhelmed.

And there's one thing I know for sure, consistency is the secret to being fit.

Be sure to grab this month's Stress Monkee Calendar + follow along with me.

If you'd like to save on ink, here's a version with no picture.

Here's to less drama + more joy...





I Gain Weight So Easily...It's Totally Genetics

I gain weight so easily!  It's totally genetics.

I hear this ALL the time.

And maybe this is you.

But what if I told you that DNA does not determine your fate when it comes to your health and your weight?

There is something that plays a much bigger role.

Watch the video below to find out what it is.

After you watch the video be sure to grab this week's FREEBIE to help you take charge of the fate of your health + body weight.





A New Way to Get a Strong Core

Your core is your powerhouse.

A strong core will not only slim you out in your midsection, but it also helps to get rid of annoying low back pain & knee pain.

Here's a fun fact: Did you know that your glutes are part of your core? (Just in case your wondering what in the hell glutes are, that means your booty.)

I filmed a brand-spanking new core workout for ya!

This workout has a new twist to give you a strong + smokin' core.

Watch the video below to see what this new twist is...

BEFORE YOU GO- Be sure to grab the Handy Workout Guide I made for you to go with the video.

You can download the guide right to your smartphone pix so that you can take this workout with you anywhere!

Summer's around the corner...let's get to work :)





Can Food Actually Affect Your Stress Levels?

Hello turtle dove,

We probably all know by now that the food we eat plays a major role in our weight, our energy levels, our longevity, BUT check this out..

Did you know that certain foods can actually cause you to stress out?

That's right my friend. 

I filmed a little video to tell you about it and what you can do avoid letting your food uncage your Stress Monkee!

After you watch the video below make sure you grab the cool freebie I created for you:

Get it here-- Cheat-Sheet: Foods That Reduce Stress

Time to feed your Zen Monkee...



What Matters More Than Counting Calories (Part 2)

A couple of weeks ago I did a post on ONE thing that matters waaaaay more than counting calories when you're working on transforming your body + health.

Check it out HERE

If you are ready to crank up your health + really transform your body there are a few key things that have to happen.

After years of struggling with my weight, I finally figured out what truly works.

Here's what pisses me off: most of the advice we hear from the "experts" + the "gurus" is just a bunch of gimmicks to get you to buy products.

One thing that you can start to do right now that will begin to work magic on your health, on your body, on your energy levels????

Eat high quality food.

I know a lot of people are short on time and need some "short cuts" to getting the nutrients they need.

I often recommend having a green smoothie for breakfast. It's quick + easy and you can take it with you.

Adding in some protein powder is always a good idea.

I think the majority of Americans don't get nearly enough protein at breakfast.  Adding some protein powder to a smoothie is an easy way to fix that.

I think I know what your next question is going to be.

"How do I pick a protein powder?"

I filmed a video for you my little turnip! (Give it a looksie below)

AND- be sure to grab the Freebie I created for you: PROTEIN POWDER CHEAT SHEET 

Want to know what specific brands I like?

When you download the freebie, I'll send you an email with the brands I prefer.

Watch the video now + go get your copy of the Protein Powder Cheat Sheet

See you soon my friend,




Working Out Like a Fiend and I'm Not Getting Results!

For YEARS I would bust my ass at the gym only to fatten it up in the kitchen.

I believed that as long as I worked out, I could eat whatever I wanted.

I think back to days where I would have a serious sweat "sesh" at the gym and then follow up my intense calorie burn with a sugary-sweet, break the carb bank, mocha frappa-whatever-you-call-it at Coffee Bean.

For years this went on with me always saying, "I workout so much!! Why am I not getting results?!"

I look back now and can't help but giggle at how lost I was when it came to knowing what actually works in transforming your body and health.

But I was reading all the "health" magazines and listening to all the advice from the "gurus".

"My metabolism is busted" I would say.

All those hours spent in the gym, all the pummeling and punishing of my body, all the food journaling...hours wasted man.

So, what does it take to have the health and the body you want?

Here's what I've seen to work time and time again:

  1. Mindset
  2. Tame your Stress Monkee (Feed your Zen Monkee)
  3. Get enough sleep + drink tons of water
  4. Eat clean
  5. Move your body

Now, you need ALL of these components in your life to achieve optimum health BUT when you're starting out with making changes, start with #1, then we move on to #2 and so on.

The path to making changes (and making them stick) is by taking SMALL doable steps.  

You're already overwhelmed enough pumpkin, let's not add to it by trying to take on everything at once.

This is why I created the monthly Stress Monkee Calendar.

Simple Recipes. Powerful Workouts. Daily Tips to get you ridiculously fit, inside + out.

Print it out or save it to your computer and let's follow along day by day together!

You can grab yours HERE

Happy April Sweet Pea!

Simple Recipes. Powerful Workouts. Daily Motivation to help you transform your body + health.

Simple Recipes. Powerful Workouts. Daily Motivation to help you transform your body + health.



This matters waaay more than counting calories...

Hello my sweet friend!

If you're working on upping your health or trying to drop some weight, there's something that matters so much more than counting calories.

I know, I know, "Calories in versus calories out"... well, that my friend just doesn't cut it anymore.

Today we're dealing with all sorts of nasty crap-o-lah added to our food and I don't care how much you think you're controlling your calorie intake, if you're not eating the right foods your body will not be able to use calories properly.

This means you can't lose weight, you feel like ass and your health goes down the tubes.

Check out today's video to find out more...



In the video, like a total donkey, I accidentally said "Pasteurized"... NO, NO, NO... I should have said "PASTURE-RAISED".  Important disctiction.

Trying get increase your health or shed some weight? Counting calories is not the answer! Find out what you should be doing instead...



Today my amazing son turns 5 years old! Rocco is an incredible kid that reminds me everyday how precious life is. The whole family got together to give him an incredible birthday celebration at our favorite place on earth. We are sporting our Stress Monkee gear, shirts, hats and tattoos. 

Disneyland isn't just a magical place for kids. For the adults in our party have been tracking 13,000+ steps, and the day is not over yet. Additionally, chasing Rocco through the ropes course in California Adventure is not for the faint of heart. We are getting our workout, but most importantly we are having fun. 

It's a great reminder to seek joy in everything you do, and laughter is sure to follow! See you soon Stress Monkee's!

- Alicia Murphy


Happyness Hour

I'm giddy! Getting ready for one of my fun, yet educational HAPPYness Hours at   @MBPublicWorks     #smoothies

I'm giddy! Getting ready for one of my fun, yet educational HAPPYness Hours at @MBPublicWorks #smoothies

You may have heard me say that I am on a mission! My hearts desire to see people living their best selves. I believe each one of us is capable of transforming ourselves into better, healthier, and happier versions of ourselves. This literally begins with just one thought. I want to challenge you today... Make a date with yourself, give your self one hour of your undivided attention. I call this my "Happiness Hour". Do something for yourself that you will really enjoy, or maybe something that you otherwise would not normally spend time doing. Read a few extra chapters of your favorite book, take the long way home on your daily walk, sing, make a smoothie, or just take breath, but do it intentionally knowing that you are loving yourself and giving yourself the time to just be happy!