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A Super Awesome Exercise for a Super Awesome Booty

I have always carried "junk in the trunk"... 

Everyone has their trouble area- that's mine.  My derriere.  My hiny.  My arse.

So , I love me a good glute exercise.

I  mean, who doesn't want to look good from behind?

But (pun intended) there are other reasons why it's really important to train your booty.

Your glutes are part of your core.  That's right.  Your glutes support your lower back and help you to have correct posture.

Also, if you have weak knees then you definitely want to train your glutes.  Strong glutes can do wonders for helping with knee issues.

Okay- ready to go kick some ass? Literally.

I filmed a video with a super effective exercise for strengthening that booty.

It's a good one!



A Trick to Get A Stronger Core, FASTER

"Core" has become quite the buzzword and for good reason.

Your core is your powerhouse, but there are other benefits of a strong core...

A well-trained core will help prevent injuries, protects your central nervous system, helps to alleviate lower back pain and damn, you just look really good with a nice, strong core.

Alright, you get it, we should all strive to train our core.  Which brings me to why I'm writing this post.

Most people do their core work at the END of their workout.

There's a better way.  

If our core is so important, then why wouldn't we train it at the START of our workout?  When we're fresh and loaded with energy.

If you do your core work at the beginning of your workout, you can give it the attention + effort it needs.

So, give this a try.  Do some dedicated core exercises at the beginning of your workout.

And I have a great series of core exercises for you today.  I call it...

The All-Out Ab Assault

Just do a clickity-click on the image below to check it out.

After you watch the video be sure to grab the Ab Assault Guide that goes with the video.





A New Way to Get a Strong Core

Your core is your powerhouse.

A strong core will not only slim you out in your midsection, but it also helps to get rid of annoying low back pain & knee pain.

Here's a fun fact: Did you know that your glutes are part of your core? (Just in case your wondering what in the hell glutes are, that means your booty.)

I filmed a brand-spanking new core workout for ya!

This workout has a new twist to give you a strong + smokin' core.

Watch the video below to see what this new twist is...

BEFORE YOU GO- Be sure to grab the Handy Workout Guide I made for you to go with the video.

You can download the guide right to your smartphone pix so that you can take this workout with you anywhere!

Summer's around the corner...let's get to work :)