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FAT LOSS: The Type of Workout Matters

I spent a good ten years working SO hard to get in shape and nothing would happen!

I was completely frustrated by all the running I was doing and all the food deprivation I was putting myself through with no results.

It affected my mood and my happiness.  I would avoid going to events because I felt like I had nothing to wear that didn't make me look "fat".

But I was doing everything I was supposed to do!!

Doing cardio at least 5 days a week, keeping my calorie intake really low and avoiding anything remotely considered as junk food (I didn't have pizza or ice cream for two years!)

I would scream in my head, "Why in the hell am I not getting results?!'

I wish I knew then what I know now.  I could have saved myself YEARS of misery.

Now I know that the TYPE of workout you do matters. Especially if you want to lose fat.

I also now know that endurance cardio (aka steady state cardio) is the last type of workout on the list of priorities for fat loss.

Since today is my birthday, I wanted to celebrate by sending you something that just might be a gamechanger for you.

I created for you a CHEAT SHEET: How to Prioritize Your Workouts for Fat Loss

Click here to grab your copy

Getting results doesn't have to be so frustrating. The key is knowing what works :)




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What Matters More Than Counting Calories (Part 2)

A couple of weeks ago I did a post on ONE thing that matters waaaaay more than counting calories when you're working on transforming your body + health.

Check it out HERE

If you are ready to crank up your health + really transform your body there are a few key things that have to happen.

After years of struggling with my weight, I finally figured out what truly works.

Here's what pisses me off: most of the advice we hear from the "experts" + the "gurus" is just a bunch of gimmicks to get you to buy products.

One thing that you can start to do right now that will begin to work magic on your health, on your body, on your energy levels????

Eat high quality food.

I know a lot of people are short on time and need some "short cuts" to getting the nutrients they need.

I often recommend having a green smoothie for breakfast. It's quick + easy and you can take it with you.

Adding in some protein powder is always a good idea.

I think the majority of Americans don't get nearly enough protein at breakfast.  Adding some protein powder to a smoothie is an easy way to fix that.

I think I know what your next question is going to be.

"How do I pick a protein powder?"

I filmed a video for you my little turnip! (Give it a looksie below)

AND- be sure to grab the Freebie I created for you: PROTEIN POWDER CHEAT SHEET 

Want to know what specific brands I like?

When you download the freebie, I'll send you an email with the brands I prefer.

Watch the video now + go get your copy of the Protein Powder Cheat Sheet

See you soon my friend,