Do you ever feel like just when you start to get into a rhythm of healthy eating and exercising regularly life decides to get in your way?

You catch a cold or the flu...

You have a big project or event that you have to spend your time on...

You get totally derailed by your vacation...

At that point many of us throw our arms up and yell:

"You win life! Bring on the chocolate, wine + cheese...and lots of it!!"

There's a better way.

The first thing to do is take a deep breath and remind yourself that this is just a season of your life.

It's temporary.

Being fit is a marathon, not a sprint.

So, forgive yourself and remember that even doing seemingly little things will add up to BIG results.

If you'd like some inspiration + daily tips download (or print) this month's Stress Monkee healthy + fit calendar.

It's a fun and simple way to keep your health + fitness at the forefront every day.

Daily tips. Mini workouts. Simple recipes. Loads of motivation.

Just click here to grab your copy.

(If you want to save on ink, here's a version with no pic :)

Here's to baby steps.


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