Let me tell you the quickest way to lose weight + get in shape.

The quickest short cut to losing weight is knowing that there is no short cut.

Going on and off diets, over-training, following crash diets in the hopes of dropping pounds fast all lead to just one thing:

A damaged metabolism...which means you gain weight back and now your body has a hard time burning fat.

Yuck...so lame.

Tough love time:

You MUST make habit changes that will last.  That is the ONLY way to be fit for life.

In my experience the people who make changes stick and get INCREDIBLE results are the ones who take baby steps.

Focus on ONE thing at a time that will get you results.  Stick to that for 2 weeks and then add on one more change and so on.

If you stay consistent with this method, I promise within a couple months you will be seeing REAL + LASTING results.


Here is where I would start--

Habit #1: Drink 80-100 oz of water per day (already do that? move on to #2)

Habit #2: Get at least 10,000 steps a day (already do that? move on to #3)

Habit #3: Eat a variety of vegetables with at LEAST 2 meals per day (preferably 3)

Okay- that should get you started!

Since today is the first day of August, I have for you the Stress Monkee Calendar

It's a fun and simple way to keep your health + fitness at the forefront every day.

Daily tips. Mini workouts. Simple recipes. Loads of motivation.

Just click here to grab your copy.

(If you want to save on ink, here's a version with no pic :)