If your goal is to lean down and build some lean muscle mass, boy oh boy do I have a workout for you.

This workout will get your results...quick.  BUT, you're gonna have to push yourself.

(I filmed myself doing this awesome workout this morning in the gym, so please forgive the dingy lighting.)

This workout is a type of metabolic conditioning workout.  It is a "hybrid" workout.

Here's how you do it:

Pick a set of dumbbells that are light enough that you can keep your form intact and be able to move a pretty good pace, but heavy enough that you can't really do more than 12 reps.  (I suggest you try in the 5-12 pound range to start).

Do 8-12 reps of each of the 4 exercises.

Set a timer for 15-25 minutes and go through the exercises as many rounds as possible (AMRAP).

Rest only when you absolutely need to.  Work until you have to stop, rest until you can get back to it.  You need to push yourself out of your comfort zone though.

The four exercises are:

  1. Squat Press
  2. Reverse Lunge + Curl
  3. Renegade Row (can add a push up)
  4. Bulgarian Split Squat with tricep kickbacks

Watch the video below to see me run through the circuit once (this was my 3rd time through so I'm kind of gassed in the video :)

Let me know how you do!

Here's to being lean + feeling amazing...


IMPORTANT NOTE: As with any fitness program you should always consult your physician before beginning an exercise regime. Be sure you are in good health before trying this or any other high intensity workout.  Be safe!