Summer, summer, summer tiiiiiime!

Every year around this time I tell myself, "I mean it, this year I am going to bust my ass and be in the best shape ever by my birthday!" (I'm a June baby)

I overload myself with all these health + fitness "to-do's"...after a couple weeks my sub-conscious mind is like, "Hey, yo- screw this. It's time for some summer fun!"

So my plan this summer is to focus on the process and not the outcome.

Rather than focusing on the hopes of one day having a body like Elle Macpherson (teehee), I will be focusing on my best daily practices.

The tool I use to help me with that is the Stress Monkee Calendar.

Daily tips, mini-workouts + nutrition ideas to help you be ridiculously fit, inside + out.

By focusing on something small each day I'm able to stick to my health + fitness priorities without feeling overwhelmed.

And there's one thing I know for sure, consistency is the secret to being fit.

Be sure to grab this month's Stress Monkee Calendar + follow along with me.

If you'd like to save on ink, here's a version with no picture.

Follow along with me + let's do this thang!