Hello there sunshine!

How many times have you really wanted to workout, but you're just too busy?

Spending hours in the gym is not a requirement for being fit.

What's the secret when it comes to exercise and being fit?

Intensity, intensity, intensity.

Even if you only have 10 minutes, if you can really push yourself for those 10 minutes AND you stay consistent, you will see results.

And there is a dark side to doing marathon sweat seshes... when you overtrain you over stress your body, which will actually cause your body to store fat (say what?!).

All those hours in the gym wasted.

So, what kind of a short, yet intense workout am I talking about?

Don't fret, I have one for you here today :)

Below is a workout I filmed for the Skechers blog.

I call it Butts + Guts.

It won't take you long, but believe me, you'll feel it in all the right places.

Just give the image below a little click + check it out.

Oh! ANd when you're done watching the video be sore to download the BUTTS + GUTS WORKOUT GUIDE I created for you.

You can download it as a pic to your smartphone so that you'll have a reference guide of the workout with you wherever you go.

Let's do this workout twice this week...you in?

Mad Love,